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The American Association of Medical Review Officers, Inc. (AAMRO), founded in 1991, as a medical society dedicated to establishing national standards and certification of medical practitioners and other professionals in the field of drug and alcohol testing. AAMRO has established standard practices and procedures, and training programs and administration of certification examinations. AAMRO is independent of existing medical membership groups and is designed to provide training and certification for physicians in different specialties.


AAMRO certification helps ensure the public's receipt of quality services and the maintenance of ethical conduct by competent professionals involved in drug and alcohol testing.


The standards and certification process AAMRO has developed has been encouraged by, and is supported by federal agencies that are significantly involved in the procedural, policy, and administrative aspects of drug and alcohol testing.


Certification Helps the MRO Profession

Medical Review Officers are responsible for the critical task of determining the validity of drug test results. For a drug testing program to work properly, it is essential for an MRO to have a working understanding of the legal and technical issues involved. Medical Review Officers make the final determination of the accuracy of a drug test. Their decision is as critical as the laboratory findings. Increasingly, MROs are tasked to review quality control and quality assurance aspects of testing.


Medical Review Officers are an integral part of federally mandated drug testing programs. MROs play a fundamental role in fulfilling the constitutional requirements of the Fourth Amendment for government mandated drug testing. MROs balance the protected rights of the tested individual and the compelling concerns for health and safety in the workplace and for drug deterrence.


Leadership from within the MRO Profession

In 1992, AAMRO utilized three advisory boards to assist in developing and maintaining legally, scientifically, and medically sound standards of practice:


The Federal Advisory Board

  • Transfers technical information and policy interpretation from the member agencies to AAMRO.

The MRO Advisory Board

  • A primary source of substantive information on the recommended practices and procedures for MROs.
  • Members of this advisory board represent a cross-section of practitioners recognized as leaders in this field.

The Laboratory Director Advisory Board

  • Combines the expertise of toxicologists who are the directors of HHS-certified laboratories.
  • Provides current technical information on drug analysis and issues concerning laboratory procedures.

Get Certified

AAMRO certification is recognized as an objective standard of competency and expertise for MROs. All AAMRO-certifed MRO's receive a diploma and a listing in our Registry of Certified MROs.


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